The length of the course depends on the experience levels of the candidates and the number of candidates attending the course, there are courses for Novices, who have never operated a truck before, Existingoperators who can operate a forklift but have never received any training, Refreshercourse for certificated operators who require their 3 yearly refresher or Conversioncourse for someone who already operates either a counter balance or reach and requires training on another truck. Below is a guide to the training ratios. 

Hours maybe reduced if for example the operators is not required to work in industrial racking or lifting to heights above 3 meters. So the training can be planned around your warehouse and working requirements.  

Counter / Reach / Pivot Steer / Rough Terrain Masted / Telescopic Handler

1 Novice operator 3 days training / 2 Novices operators 4 days training / 3 Novice operators 5 days training.

1 Existing operator 2 days training / 2 Existing operators 2.5 days training / 3 Existing operators 3 days training.

1 person refreshing 4.5 hrs / 2 people refreshing 6.25 hrs / 3 people refreshing 7.50 hrs

1 person Conversion 1 day training / 2 people Conversion 1.5 days training / 3 people Conversion 2 days training.

Rightline FLT Instruction provide RTITB Accredited training on all of the trucks below. 

Counter Balance
Reach Truck
Pivot Steer Truck
Rough Terrain Counter Balance
Rough Terrain Telescopic Handler
MEWP, Articulated Boom
HIAB Lorry Loader
VNA Lateral Stacker
VNA Order Picker
MEWP, Scissor Lift
Pedestrian Pallet Stacker
Pedestrain Pallet Truck
Pallet Transporter
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